Yes, there is fine dining in Myrtle Beach! You may find that reference made to  restaurants that are anything but, at least according to the true definition. There is apparently some confusion in the definition. A true fine dining establishment will most certainly have a strict dress code. You will not find touristy attire such as tank tops, halter tops, ragged jeans, and flip flops there. It is not because the upper echelon of eateries dislike tourists, it is because they have their reputation to uphold. Those who appreciate, and seek out these kinds of establishments would be disappointed to share the space with anything less than an appropriately dressed patron. Call them snobs if you wish, but fine dining is not cheap and part of the experience if the ambiance.

A new website called is on a mission to educate the general public about fined dining in an effort to (their words) preserve the sanctity of the priviledge. The best wines, exquisite menus, top chefs, quiet accommodation, table side services, and the best in overall attention and service should be the norm at a fine dining establishment. We notice more and more restaurants with the description “fine dining” attached lately. But with closer examination, we notice things that do not exactly fit the true meaning of the term. It is no wonder there is confusing among patrons who show up only to be turned away by those upper end establishments that continue to enforce their proper attire standards.

All across America, we see formal attire going away in favor of more comfortable casual clothing even in some of the most (otherwise) formal settings. makes reference to untucked shirts and jeans as the norm…add a sports jacket, and we have “dressy” attire! The proprietors of these elite restaurants are faced with a dilemma. Should they relax the dress code to possibly attract more patrons? Will the connoisseurs of fine things revolt at sharing their premium experience with the commonly dressed intruders? Or will everyone breathe a sigh of relief at finally being able to enjoy the best possible dining experience without having to suit up for the occasion. Time will certainly tell. It will be interesting to see the feedback from this new website. Myrtle Beach being a tourist destination may have a unique situation that calls for a unique approach. Who will lead? We will see!

We spoke to Shad Velasco owners of one of Myrtle Beach’s oldest elite establishments, The Library Restaurant, about casual versus fine dining in Myrtle Beach. Shad has seen the balance shifting more toward casual dining. He hasn’t made any official innuendos about changes to come for the Library, but says the casual versus fine dining crowd at his establishment has dropped from 90% fine and 10% casual to about 50/50. The Library’s tuxedo adorned wait staff are certainly among the best of the best in Myrtle Beach. To keep up with the progress related to these issues go to