myrtle beach golf packages 2015It is time to get your plans in order for Myrtle Beach Golf Packages 2015. Spring will be here before you know it and the best tee times and lodging ALWAYS fill up first. The Myrtle Beach golf market has been improving over the past few seasons, and courses are preparing now for a great spring season. Overseeding of the winter ryegrass is complete and according to all current indicators, we’ll have some great course conditions for spring golfers.Last spring was hampered by an unusually cold and wet season here along the Grand Strand. We certainly hope we’re back to normal for 2015. We caught up with the folks at to give us an update on the Myrtle Beach golf market.

Several courses have taken on some upgrades and renovations since last Spring. The staff at  reports that Eagle Nest has installed some all-new forward (senior) tees along with other course maintenance. The Golf Director also reports that Crow Creek just finished a major bunker renovation. They installed new drains and replaced the sand with a new, better draining, more (golfer) forgiving sand. Tidewater Golf Resort just finished a complete renovation of their greens, and The Dunes Club’s new greens are doing extremely well.

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages 2015

Speaking of Myrtle Beach Golf Package news, The Golf Director just launched their new “package” site at The Golf Director entered into the golf packaging business earlier this year, and saw the need to produce a simplified method for helping golfers make vacation golf plans. “Returning golfers to the Myrtle Beach area pretty much know the ropes,” remarked Jeff Gilder, President of iNetGolf, the parent of “But for reaching first-time visitors to Myrtle Beach, I think we may be confusing them by presenting too many options. We’re going to try a simplified approach. We’ve even added a Name Your Price option (laughs). We’ll let you know how it works.” The Myrtle Beach area golf courses and patrons endure over 15 rate changes per year. Varying rates depending upon demand are common in areas with golf tourism, but Myrtle Beach may be the most complicated. Golf season shoulders the summer beach tourism creating yet another variable in rates with lodging. Unfortunately the seasonal rate schedules are not coordinated and lodging rate changes overlap golf rate changes creating even more golf vacation cost variables. When the golf adds into the equation the difference in tee time rates based on time of day and day of booking, there are literally thousands of possible rates for tee times. Gilder says this is a problems that has to be addressed, but there are no signs of relief in sight.

iNetGolf is focussing the direction of toward reaching golfers with new media. The golf industry has been slower than some to emerge from traditional thinking into the digital era. produces 24/7 golf talk radio and TV and delivers it through a variety of online distribution channels. “The audience for this type of media has grown substantially in recent months (and years), but is still developing,” reports Gilder. “We’re positioning to reach golfers on the digital front with inforamtion presented in a fun and entertaining format. There are plenty of boring talking heads in the business, we want to put more fun in the delivery. As well, everyone in the golf industry needs to be thinking about how to put more fun into golf. We’re competing for the attention of younger (potential) golfers who have plenty of entertaining options from which to choose.”

Time will tell if iNetgolf and with their simplified ideas for project Myrtle Beach Golf Packages 2015 will be effective. That is an extremely competitive market with some well- established and entrenched players. We asked Mr. Gilder to expand on why iNetGolf would even venture into such a competitive environment. “Sometimes I think an outsider’s perspective may be helpful,” says Gilder. “In the area of golf vacation packaging, we are certainly that. Being very new to that business, we have the ability to view it more from the perspective of the user than the provider. Our interest is to benefit the overall golf market by introducing new ideas, and by creating new channels to engage golfers in hopes we can bring new players to the Myrtle Beach area. We’re approaching the golf vacation business with a research mindset.” Get more information on their programs HERE.