I must admit, that until meeting Don Lewis, I had never been a big fan of mystery thriller and suspense books. Don and wife Sheryl came to Zeus Digital a while back to have their website upgraded. We always try to learn as much as possible about our clients before diving into such an important task. Sitting with Don, one very quickly realizes he is an extraordinary individual. A former criminal lawyer turned mystery writer from Pittsburgh, and somewhat of an adventure junkie, Don has had an incredibly interesting life. A quarterback,  boxing champ,  hitchhiker,  harley rider,  sky diver,  scuba diver,  prosecutor, and  defense attorney were some of his pastimes. He’s even ridden the rapids on the Snake River and gone over waterfalls on an innertube. Do you see what I mean about Don being an adventure junkie. He admits that he stopped risking his life at the young age of 63.

Don rode his Road King coast-to-coast three times, all on two lane roads. He enjoyed stopping in the small towns along the way getting to know the people, and getting a taste of what life means to them. You can bet those who had the pleasure of his company had an experience they’ll never forget. They’re probably still  talking about the guy who rode through on his Harley and told all those great stories.

Learning about his life and early lifestyle, I became intrigued by his writing. Having spent so many years as a criminal lawyer exposed him to a wealth of mystery and suspense novel content. I have never been much of a reader, and wish I could go back in time and change that.  I realize now the mass of information and entertainment I missed by not reading more books. On Don’s website he provides reading samples from all his books! How cool is that? Reading those samples while building his website, I became a fan.

Rizzo, Kalup’s Crossroads, Satan’s Boots Don’t Creak, and Dark Covenant are four books on his site. He has a new one coming soon called The Border Incident. If you’re into murder mysteries, crime novels, drug smuggling tales, and suspense thrillers, Don Lewis’ books will give you all that and more. Here is a video we did for him in our studio:

As you can tell from this video he is a natural storyteller.  Reading his blogs from the website truly are just as entertaining as his books.

We appreciate all our clients here at Zeus Digital marketing, but Don Lewis is special. His mystery thriller suspense books, or crime novels, or whatever you choose to call them are compelling, realistic, and a must read. For more information about mystery writer, Don Lewis’ books and his complete bio go to http://mysterywriterdonlewis.com.