Perhaps the most significant change to occur in the Myrtle Beach golf industry in years, the Myrtle Beach Golf App is the first all-inclusive golf and tourism tool for the Grand Strand. The app was rolled out by Himmelsbach Communication in early 2014 with great response. The download is free and participants /  features are being added on a regular basis.

Himmelsbach Communications has been involved in the golf industry for over three decades and publish the On The Green and On The Beach magazines as well as producing the On The Green Golf Show for cable TV. Their position as leaders in providing golf information for Grand Strand golf and tourism has been renewed and strengthened with the introduction of this  new app.  Embracing new technology is an important step for any business in today’s emerging digital era. Being an early adopter for digital technology in the golf industry should prove to be very successful for the Myrtle Beach Golf App.

The app enables users to book tee times and get up-to-date information about accommodations, restaurants, and nightlife in the area. In addition to being a win for golfers, the app should prove to be a win for advertisers as well. Being found is the challenge for any business in today’s search driven world, and being predominately located on an app that is being downloaded thousands of times results in being found by folks looking for relevant services.

Timing for the launch of this app couldn’t have been any better. Smart device usage is growing every month and more and more people are relying on those devices for search. Golfers are starving for course and amenities information and the convenience of having an available app with multiple courses represented will make this a popular download. As the app grows with features and content, golfers will posses a great tool for planning their golfing experience.

The Myrtle Beach Golf App has once again moved Himmelsbach Communications to the forefront of golf information and technology in the Grand Strand area, a position they have known for many years. Over the past year or so (since the great depression),  it seems more an more companies are finding their niche in the digital era.  The Myrtle Beach Golf App should have a measurable impact on the overall Grand Strand golf marketing effort. Kudos to Himmelsbach Communications for their forward progression promoting the area and its golf industry. For more information and to download the app go to For more reading on this subject CLICK HERE.