With a global audience reaching into over 160 countries, all 50 United States, and over 20,000 cities, TheGolfDirector.com’s goal of delivering news from American golf to the world has come to fruition in the first year. Creating over 1 million interactions through an online media platform, TGD Radio, TGD TV,and TGD Community continue to attract their audience organically through original content creation.

TGD Radio creates live on-air programming weekly from a variety of veteran broadcast journalists, PGA touring and teaching Professionals, and guest from throughout the golfing industry. Starting the week with Monday Morning GolfRap, hosts George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III give the audience a recap of the weekend’s golf. Veteran actor and television sports commentator, Micth Laurance tickles his fancy for the history of the game with Golf Connections with Mitch Laurance. The Round Table allows the hosts Honeycutt and Royer to bring absolutely any (usually) golf related content to the air. PRO Golf Talk prepares listeners for the weekend’s golf with a preview of news, parings, buzz, and venue coverage. Host, Shan Coughlin guides her show, Amateur golf Talk Live through a plethora of topics interesting to amateur golfers including charity tournaments, the TGD Prize Package giveaway,and much more. Tech Talk introduces and reviews golf equipment and the latest gadgets by a panel of TGD experts who have tried the equipment and give their unbiased feedback to listeners. The Rules of Golf hosted by World Amateur Handicap official, Frank Monk breaks down some of the most “broken” rules. “No Drop” Frank tells it like it is. Golf Rednecks is hosted by true golf rednecks showing us all just how much fun the game can be from a redneck’s perspective. All TGD Radio programming is aired live, then placed into a 24/7 relay loop and archived in their extensive podcast library indefinitely.

TGD TV is the newest of TGD features and will deliver a whole new group of streaming and on-demand programming to the growing TGD audience. The TGD Community connects visitors, providing an interactive and laid back platform for sharing photos, stories, and responses to a variety of topics.

The TGD goal of delivering news from American golf to a global audience may need to be expanded in the future. Coverage of the global golf community may be just around the corner. To read more about this subject go to http://thegolfdirector.com/news-from-american-golf-and-around-the-world-tgd-radio/. To catch up on previous programs go to http://radio.thegolfdirector.com and listen to any of the hundreds of podcasts…all searchable by host and show.